3,000 boogie at KL Live & Loud

Kuala Lumpur: It was a retro night for almost 3,000 music lovers as they boogied, swayed and sang along with funk legend Kool & The Gang and veteren R&B singer James Ingram in the KL Live & Loud 07 concert at Stadium Negara here last

Up-and-coming artist Hazami warmed up the crowd with his slick brand of smooth R&B, proving that he can hold his own with the best.

The Los Angeles-based Ingram sang ballad after ballad, delivering his tunes with perfection. His most famous songs Just Once, I Don’t Have The Heart and One Hundred Ways were greeted with shrieks of delight from the audience.

The Grammy winner even surprised the audience bu making his way into the crowd and singing to select members, many of whom wrere thrilled to be so close to teh singer.
The highlight though, clearly seemed to be Kool & The Gang. Certain sections of the audience could be heard singing their numbers even before the band came on.

When the New Jersey band finally hot the stage, the crowd became wild with excitement. Kool & The Gang’s groovy rhythms encouraged the young and old to dance the night away.
While extended instrument passages were part of the band’s set, the goods were also delivered ad the band pleased the crowd with Fresh, Joanna, Cherish, Jungle Boogie, Get Down On It and more.

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