Company Profile

EHQ Projects is a full service technical company, owned and operated by a group of dedicated professionals with proven track records of more than twenty years of expertise in both the local and overseas entertainment industry, in the areas of creative works, event production, technical installation / audio and lighting design.

We specialise in providing cost-effective and efficient solutions, while meeting the highest expectations of our clients.

our services

EHQ provides planning and basic design services for theatres, opera houses, concert halls, stadiums/arena conference & exhibition centers and related facilities.

EHQ works with the clients from the various stages of planning, from early planning through design, commissioning and use of all equipment and facilities associated with performance and presentation.

EHQ’s experience covers all sizes, shapes and design of venues and facilities associated with entertainment, sports, exhibition and conference requirements.

the resources

EHQ Projects offers a unique combination of services and solutions to the entertainment and event industry, working directly to architects, corporate, government, educational and arts organisations.

EHQ Projects specialises in the design, fit-out and operational of audio, lighting, staging, broadcasting, rigging, audio visual, special event management and other associated expertise specific to performance and event related facilities.

This is provided by a team of arts professionals with a wide spectrum of experience from a variety of countries and performing related industries. Their combined expertise benefits further from additional support from of a world-wide network of expertise and resources within the international entertainment industry.

This pool of hands on experience across such a diverse spectrum of activity is EHQ Projects most unique and essential advantage – built upon an ability to recognise and then enhance the very different objectives and required modus operandi of these various area of business.

The application of each area of work is subject to client-specific needs and circumstances, based on the perception that no organisation is exactly the same as the next, and that no organisation has precisely the vision or objectives as any other.

Through a collaborative discussion and review process with the organisation at every level, EHQ Projects are able to develop and present different approaches and/or solutions to the challenges that lie ahead, and when will then assist the organisation to implement and further improve.